Western Slope Personal and Business Services LLC   proudly presents the
Western Slope  Electronic Mall
for small businesses to serve you better on the Sunset Side of the Great Divide.

Advertise your business on the Western Slope E-Mall

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There are three types of service on the Western Slope E-Mall:

Service 1.  FREE!  Reciprocally link your existing web site (using "Click here to visit the Western Slope E-Mall.") and Western Slope E-Mall.   For a one-way link from the Western Slope E-Mall to your existing web site, the low price is only $1 per month*. 

Service 2.  You can publish one or more simple web pages on the WSPBS site and rent a link on Western Slope E-Mall for only $1 per month* per page for pages less than 1 MB.  Larger pages will be charged $1 per month for each 1 MB.     (For comparison purposes: each service presently housed on the E-Mall has a file size less than 1MB and is therefore within the $1/month minimum.)

Service 3.  Western Slope can help you develop your web pages at a low price to be quoted specifically for each case.

(Our prices are very low because the E-Mall is intended to be a public service rather than a profit center.)

For more details, contact us at wspbs@wspbs.com or (970) 640-7906.

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    * Link rental and web page hosting is available for one year increments.                                       Prices reflect a special introductory offer available for a limited time only.     

Notes and disclaimers: Western Slope Personal and Business Services LLC (a.k.a. WSPBS) provides this e-mall for small businesses to advertise their services.  WSPBS does not guarantee the quality of services of its advertisers.  WSPBS is not liable in any way for the outcome of services provided by its advertisers.   WSPBS will discontinue listing any business for which there are frequent or consistent consumer complaints.
Questions, comments or complaints? Email wspbs@wspbs.com.   All content copyright 2005 Western Slope Personal and Business Services, LLC.  Background picture:  Red Mountain, north of Silverton.