Western Slope Personal and Business Services LLC   proudly presents the
Western Slope  Electronic Mall
for small businesses to serve you better on the Sunset Side of the Great Divide.

  TOP FLOOR:  Coaching, counseling, doulas, healing, weddings, weight control


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6th FLOOR:  Hiking, back country tours, and other recreational services

5th FLOOR:  Editing, self-publishing, books, & other literary services

4th FLOOR:  Genealogy resource and specific family tree pages

3rd FLOOR:   Home, automotive, and other personal services

  2nd FLOOR:  Business consulting, general business service

1st FLOOR:  Computer/Network consulting and training

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Notes and disclaimers: Western Slope Personal and Business Services LLC (a.k.a. WSPBS) provides this e-mall for small businesses to advertise their services.  WSPBS does not guarantee the quality of services of its advertisers.  WSPBS is not liable in any way for the outcome of services provided by its advertisers.   WSPBS will discontinue listing any business for which there are frequent or consistent consumer complaints.
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