Johan Jost (John) Kring and Johan Heinrich (Henry) Kring


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Johan Jost (John) Kring and Johan Heinrich (Henry) Kring were brothers originally

from Haigler, which was in the Palenate State in now Western Germany.  As teenagers,

they left to avoid service in the Thirty Years War between Catholics and Protestants. 

They lived in Netherlands for several years before immigrating to Philadelphia on July 21,

1751 on the ship named "Two Brothers."  They might have spent some time in Virginia

before settling in Lancaster County, PA.  Little is know about Henry and his descendants.

John was a cobbler and has thousands of descendants.  John's family is especially well-

documented in Sea to Shining Sea: The Kring Family, by Sandra Kring Horner and

Patricia Kring Bickel (privately published in 1980.