Ancestry of John Pierpont

John Pierpont has a very interesting ancestry, as outlined below,
although his direct descendants are “twice removed” from the
Carpenter/Kring subjects of the home page of this site.


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John Pierpont. Born 1742. Died 1796. He married Nancy Ann Morgan, 1774.





Francis Pierpont. Born 1712. Died 1780. He married Sarah Richardson, 1737.


Sarah Richardson.  7 children.





Charles Pierpont. Born 1666. Died 1748. He married Sidney Chew, 1690.


Sidney Chew. 14 children.





Henry Pierpont. Born 1623. Occupation farmed in Anne Arundel County, MD.

Cane to Isle of Wight Co. VA in 1635, "Plaine Joan"/"Bonaventure".  

9 children, first 5 born in England. He married Elizabeth Larkin.


Elizabeth Larkin. Came to Annapolis, MD in 1665.


John Chew. Born in ? Bewdley, Worchestershire, England. Died in ? Jamestown, VA

Came to Jamestown in 1622 on "Charite".





Robert Pierpont , Earl, Baron. Lord, Baron, Viscount, Earl of Kingston on Hull.

Educated at Oxford Law School, lawyer.



Great-Great-Great Grandparents:


Henry Pierpont , Sir. Born 1546. Died 19 Mar 1615. Knight, resided at

Holme-Pierrepont.  He married Frances Cavendish , Lady.


 Frances Cavendish , Lady. Traces ancestry to Earl of Surrey & Warwick

 and to William the Conquerer.



Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents:


William Cavendish , Sir. He married Lady Elizabeth Shrewsbury , Countess.


Lady Elizabeth Shrewsbury , Countess



Other Ancestors:


Henry de Pierrepont , Sir. Died 1292. Occupation 1264 fought in Battle of Lewes

under King Henry III.  (Ancestor, not father, of Sir Henry Pierpont).


Robert de Pierrepont , Sir. Died After 1066.  In 1066 fought Battle of Hastings

under William the Conquerer.Knighted for distinguished service, given land in

Nottinghamshire. (Ancestor, not father, of Sir Henry de Pierrepont).


William the Conquerer. Died After 1066. Ancestor, not father of William Cavendish.


Hugh de Pierrepont , Sir. Died After 780. In 780 AD, named by Charlemagne.

Lived south of Picardy, 6 miles from St. Sauveur, Normandy.