Johannes G'Feller, Adam G'Fellers, Abraham Gefellers


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Johannes G'Fellers immigrated from the Paletinate State of what is now western Germany,

through the Netherlands  to Philadelphia on the ship "Bilender Townsen" on October 5, 1737.

He settled in Lancaster County, PA, as did many Paletines who came to the colonies to avoid

religious persecution and the Thirty Years War.  His son, Adam might have made the trip with

Johannes, but most likely was born later in Pennsylvania.  Adam married and lived for a while

in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia before settling in Greene County, TN.  His son, Abraham

was a judge in the Greene County Court for many years.  The G'Feller name appears in records

in a variety of spellings: G'Feller, G'Gellers, GeFellers, Gefellers, Fellars, Feller and Feller.  Also,

several through the years used G. as a middle initial with the last name Fellers.  No doubt this

reflected the record-keeping of the era as well as an attempt to Americanize the name.  


It is interesting to note the similarity in the history of the G'Feller and Kring families which eventually

intermarried in Nebraska in 1920.  There is no evidence the two families were acquainted back in

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 


Most of the Feller and Pierpont information comes from records accumulated by Florence Johnson

Kring of Lexington, NE.  Information on Johannes and Adam G'Feller is from Bruce Nichols of St.

Louis, MO, a researcher of the Barnhart surname.