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General reference maps of  Northcentral/Midwest USA and Northwest Europe.

Herve de Melun, nicknamed "the carpenter" lived in Melun Seine-et-Marne, so. of Paris, ca. 1067.

John Carpenter, town clerk of London, circa 1380 is a possible link between Herve and William.

William Carpenter immigrated from Amesbury, Wiltshire, England to Providence, RI in 1636.

Cousin Wm. Carpenter:  Delwine, Herfordshire, England to Rehoboth, MA (east of Providence) in 1638.

Solomon "The Outlaw" Carpenter lived in Braxton/Webster Counties, WV circa 1750-80.

John & Fanny Garver lived in Brown Co., OH, in 1830s; their children were born in Highland Co.

Ephraim and Fanny (Carpenter) Adams moved to Kalona, Washington Co., IA, in 1840s.

Daniel Carpenter moved his family from Kalona, Iowa to Custer Co., NE, in 1883.

Johan Jost and Johan Heinrich Kring came from Haigler, Germany to Lancaster Co., PA, in 1751.

George Kring lived in Cambria County, PA, until his death in 1844.  Many Krings live there today.

Joseph Kring moved his family to a farm east and south of Lexington, Dawson County, NE, in 1880s.

Michael Emerson: from Cadney Parrish, Lincolnshire, England to Haverhill, north of Boston in 1656.

Many Emersons settled in Chester and Candia, NH, before branching to Alton, IL, north of St. Louis.

Eddy Warren Emerson was born in Alton, IL, in 1855 and died in Comstock, Custer Co., NE, in 1934. 

Johannes G'Fellers from the Palatinate State, in western Germany, to Lancaster, Co. PA, in 1757.

Adam G'Fellers moved to Shenandoah Valley, VA, and then to Greene Co., TN, circa 1800.

Roscoe Conklin Fellers farmed east and south of Lexington in Dawson Co., NE circa 1900.

James Allen lived in from Knightly Hall, Gnosall, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, England, circa 1820-30.

George Allen:  to England to Allerton in the southwest corner of Vermillion County, IL, in 1879.

George Allen II moved from Allerton, IL, to east and north of Lexington, Dawson County, NE in 1904.

Edmonsons came from Orange Co., VA, via several locations in NW KY & SE IL to Kalona, IA.

Hugh de Pierrepont; named by Charlemagne ca. 780;  so. of Picardy, 6 mi. from St. Sauveur, Normandy.

Sir Robert de Pierrepont was given land in Nottinghamshire by William the Conqueror circa 1066.

Sir Robert Pierrepont was Lord, Baron, Viscount, and Earl of Kingston on Hull, England.

Henry Pierpont: from England to Isle of Wight Co., VA, & Anne Arundel County, MD, in 1635.